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About Jacob Jordan


Jacob Jordan is native of Waynesboro, Ga.  As a young man, He as many other troubled and fatherless teenagers navigated to the streets which caused him to have several run ins with the law. Leading him to be locked up in Detention Centers for juveniles.  

Moreover, In 1997 Jacob was accused of a crime and in 1998 Jacob was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Thereafter, was sent to Lee Arrendale State Prison ( Alto ). During the course of His incarceration He was transferred to 11 state prisons. Telfair, Smith, Macon, Augusta, Dodge, Hancock, Phillips, Statesboro County Camp, Reidsville, Wilcox, Dooly, then finally two different halfway houses Macon and Augusta TC. 

Inspite of His situation and the many obstacles faced, Jacob had His mind made up to survive and learn all that he could so that upon His release He would be a more productive citizen.

After serving nearly 15 years in prison Jacob was finally released on May 2, 2012.  Jacob now holds an associate degree in Theology ( Christian Ministry ) is now a License HVAC Contractor, owner of Jacob's Heating & Air Services, LLC. Jacob is extremely talented. He's a song writer, musician, singer, rapper and motivational speaker. Jacob knew when He got out it wasn't going to be easy. Due to His criminal record He was denied many jobs.


That only motivated Jacob to go harder and never give up. Jacob encourages individuals to keep knocking and someone will eventually open the door!  Jacob has a passion to help others and He does it daily in many forms. If you would like to support Jacob, you can easily purchase a song or donate.  

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